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    1.3.4 Settings

    Set As Home

    Using this option, you can set any page as the default home page when you log in. For example, if you want to see the Whiteboard first after you log in. You can go to Whiteboard and set it as the home screen.

    Version Number

    After clicking on Version, you should see what version of the software you are currently using, the date it was published, and any new features/updates in that specific version.


    With Support, you can create a ticket and ask for help. After clicking on support, you should see a window to create a new support ticket.


    To create a support ticket, you must define the ticket’s Subject[1], select a Priority[2] Level, and Select a Support Type[3]. Now, type your message in the Notes[4] section. You can also upload videos, screenshots, and images by clicking on the Choose[5] button.

    After filling in all the information, click the Save button to Submit the support ticket.


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