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    Once you have completed the appointment, we can move forward with the imaging. Once the patient arrives at the scheduled time, the patient is taken to that assigned room and starts the imaging.

    To find the imaging option, click on the Whiteboard -> Imaging.

    To start the imaging, click the Start Imaging ( ) button.

    After clicking, you should see this page.

    Now, you can select a clean scope by clicking the scope settings option.

    After clicking, you should see a popup where you can select your plugged-in scopes using the video source option. You can even configure the Frame Rate, Regulation, and Bit rate. You can also crop the video from the X and Y axes with the CropX and CropY options.

    After selecting the scope, you should see the live video preview below. To take a snap, click on the Camera Icon.

    After taking the snap, you can view it on the right side of the page.

    You can manually upload photos by clicking on the choose button.

    You can click this icon to send all snapped images to reporting.

    You can also select a specific image to report by clicking on this icon.

    After you are done, you can declare this session as Success, Failed, Canceled, Discarded, or Incomplete.

    If you are satisfied with the imaging, select Success and click the Reporting button.


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