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    Once the patient is registered, you can schedule an appointment for the patient.

    To register a new appointment for the patient

    Click on the Patients [1] -> New Appointment [2] tab in the main menu.

    After clicking, you should see this page.

    On this page, the top Row[1] shows the rooms currently available for an appointment, and the left Column[2] shows the time available for reporting.

    We need to schedule a meeting at 17.30 in room 106. You must accurately position your cursor on the precise horizontally and vertically aligned box.

    After clicking, you should see two popup windows.

    You can directly Register a new patient from here.

    As we have already registered a patient, we will close this popup by clicking the Close button.

    After closing the Patient Registration popup, you can start the patient appointment. To do so, you have to search for the patient’s name.

    After searching, select the patient by clicking on the patient’s name.

    After selecting your patient, you can find information about your patient and doctor.

    Under the study section, you have to fill in all the required information.

    You have to fill in information like the Doctor’s name [1], Study Type [2], Clinic Type [3], and Study[4].

    After selecting the study, you can find the appointment in the image below.

    You can also fill in some additional information in the Addition section.

    Click Save to confirm the appointment. The patient and assigned medical staff will be notified about the appointment details.

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