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    How To Complete Simple Reporting for the Patient

    After imaging, we can move forward to the central reporting section. This is the reporting page.

    In the reporting option, you have three sections.

    1. Shows you the patient information and doctor information.
    2. It shows you the captured files/photos from the imaging option. From here, you can add any captured images to the report.
    3. Shows you the information such as Indication/Diagnosis, Sedation, Timing, and Team

    Now, you can start writing the report in the next section.

    You can write the findings [1], Impressions [2], and Comments [3].

    You can select if there was any Rapid Urease Test [1] and what the result was. You can also define if there was any blood loss[2] in milliliters(ml). Recommend a Diagnosis[3] and Book follow-up [4] or add this study to a specific study library[5].

    Finally, to save your report and return to it later, click on save, and to confirm your report, click on the Confirm button.

    After clicking on Confirm, you should see a pop-up window asking you for confirmation.

    You can Print your report by clicking on the Print Icon( ).

    The final report looks like the image below.

    Now, to download your report, click on the Download button.

    in Endoscopist Dashboard

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