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    The EnvisionNext system has these 12 menus currently available for an Admin User.

    No. Menus Descriptions
    1. Statistics Dashboard Displays comprehensive statistics through graphs for an at-a-glance understanding of data.
    2. Whiteboard Features a dynamic list of all patients from registration to discharge.
    3. Patient Facilitates the addition of new patients and the scheduling of appointments.
    4. Nursing Manages pre-endoscopy preparation and post-endoscopy patient evaluations.
    5. Device Management Oversees the inventory and maintenance of Endoscopes, Endoscopy machines, and Washing machines.
    6. Disinfection Tracking Records the cleaning processes of endoscopes to ensure sterilization and safety.
    7. Business Intelligence Aggregates and displays endoscopy-related data for comprehensive analysis.
    8. Study Library Offers a repository of patient case studies for research and educational purposes.
    9. Administration Tools Provides access to system-wide settings and configurations.
    10. Endoscopist Dashboard Allows endoscopists to view their specific patient cases and manage them efficiently.
    11. Search Enables detailed searches within study information using specific keywords.
    12. Reporting Templates Streamlines the creation of uniform report templates for documenting patient cases effectively.
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